St Cuthbert’s weekly – 14th May 2017


Hello all.

I hope that my weekly bulletin finds you well. We had many people with us at café church last Sunday. Plus we had a wonderful band. I have asked them to come back after the summer break.

I was struck by something at one point in the service. The band were hammering out a glorious and loud worship song and everyone was singing and getting really into it. It was wonderful and very uplifting.

But then my eye drifted a bit and I spotted Slim’s lovely dog, Darcy. Darcy had been very well behaved, as is our other dog visitor Buster.

And with all that worship and song going on, dear old Darcy was fast asleep. He was relaxed and felt completely safe among all these humans singing and worshipping God.

I personally love having creatures in with us at services (although I would draw the line at snakes and rats). Seeing Darcy so cool and relaxed, reminded me of the calm we can all feel when in God’s presence.

Somewhere in all of us is that calm, safe centre. Life gets tough. Days are busy and we do a lot of stuff to keep the silence at bay. But I often think that God is not in a hurry. He is relaxed, whatever is going on in the world.

So perhaps we can learn from our animal friends and take some time to chill out with God. I certainly aim to take time each day to be quiet and rest and know that god is good. I can’t vouch that’s what our little doggie friend was doing.

Go well dear friends


The Collect

Risen Christ, your wounds declare your love for the world and the wonder of your risen life: give us courage and compassion to risk ourselves for those we serve, to the glory of God the Father.

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