Bring me sunshine

St Benedict’s great maxim was – Always, we begin again. Until our final day, there is always this day and, on this day, we start all over. I think that at the heart of the Christian faith is the reassuring truth is that we are never to call something over, until God does.
These last few months, the great pause, have caused many of us to re-evaluate our lives. Why are we doing what we are doing? What is important? What do we want to do next? I have a sense that over the coming months, many people will make radical changes to their lives and careers. This period has helped me to realise again that life is short and we only have one crack at it. This morning, I am leaving the past behind, enjoying the birds and the sunshine and being grateful that I am alive and that I can bring some sunshine into others’ lives along the way.
O great God who dost serve and give to all the world, thanks be unto thee for our morning rising to this our life; be it to thy glory, also of our souls…