Eurovision blues

Be each day glad to thee,
No day ill for thee,
A life joyful, satisfied.

In just 15 words, this little Celtic prayer wishes you a wonderful day. I join with it and add my good wishes as well. Why not pass the blessing on to someone else?

Last night, I watched Eurovision – well Eurovision in lockdown. I have always loved the simple daft fun of Eurovision. It seems to me to celebrate some of the idiot joy of being a person. It is simple fun and paints the picture of a world that is kind. Maybe I’m reading too much into it!

Graham Norton does a good job, but last night I found myself missing Terry Wogan. I think he would have been a great tonic in these troubled times.

We will get that silliness back. We will be able to be ridiculous and silly together again. Taking ourselves seriously is overrated. Bring on the clowns, my friends. Bring on the clowns.