Frankly Mr Sinatra

O Christ, refuge of our love, why should we not lift thy fame, while angels and holy ones of melody sing thy name?
Back in 1986 and Christine and I were on holiday in NYC. Each evening we’d go to this lovely little Italian bar and bowling alley (yes indeed) in the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge. In those days I had black hair and the bar owner kept insisting that I had to be Italian. The bar was a magical place, full of conversation and joy.
One evening, my bar owner friend was very excited. He had a celebrity he wanted to introduce us to. ‘Do you love Frank Sinatra?’ he asked. I offered an excited, yes. ‘Well, we’ve got his hairdresser in tonight.’ I have no idea why, but I was a little starstruck.
One day, we will get to meet an altogether different star. I can’t wait for the invitation to meet the God who made the heavens and the stars and the plants and birds and trees and skies. I long for him to one day smile and welcome me home and to know that all is and shall forever be well. But until that time, there’s work to be done in making the world a better place.