God is kindly and close

Here is the Celtic passage for today.

Saviour and friend, how wonderful art Thou! My companion upon the changeful way. The comforter of its weariness. My guide to the eternal town. The welcome at its gate.

Had Christ ascended to heaven on Easter day, everything would have been different. I am not at all sure that his followers would have gone on to be the lion hearts they became. The period from his rising from the dead, to his ascension were crucial in helping his followers to take heart and take courage.

How do we know this? Well, the disciples had gone back to work fishing. My feeling is that they just wanted to do something familiar and that they felt confident in, because they didn’t really know what else to do. Jesus then moves among them.

What they needed at this point, wasn’t the God of might and power and majesty. They just wanted to see their friend again and to be reassured by him. They missed him and wanted his company. Jesus cooks them a breakfast and they begin to feel normal and they can get started again. I think in some way, we all want that now.