God laughs

In the beginning…God laughed
And the earth was glad.
The sound of laughter
Was like the swaying and swinging of thunder in mirth;
Like the rush of the North wind on a drowsy and dozing land;
It was cold. It was clear.
The lion leapt down
At the bleating feet of the frightened lamb and smiled;
And the viper was tamed by the thrill of the earth:
At the holy laughter.
We laughed, for the Lord was laughing with us in the evening:
For the laughter of love went pealing into the night;
And it was good.  

It has been wonderful travelling the Celtic path for the last 4 months with you. I wish you nothing but well and pray for your safekeeping on life’s bumpy old road. I found this, and although it isn’t an ancient piece of writing, it captures much of the Celtic view of life. Go well.