God’s grace is always enough

The love and affection of the angels be to you,
The love and affection of the saints be to you,
The love and affection of heaven be to you,
To guard you and to cherish you.
May God shield you on every step,
May Christ aid you on every path,
May Spirit fill you on every slope…
What is it that makes life truly worth living? It is the kind of question we have probably all been asking ourselves over the last few months. When we lose so much, we wonder what we have and whether it is enough. What is it that the walk with God has to offer? What is God like? These are, of course, the great questions that theology tries to answer.
Travelling alongside the Celtic Christians has helped me immensely – partly because their theology was often presented as poetry. Poetry has a way of speaking to every generation afresh – we inhabit its ideas and metaphors and fill them with meaning. The Celts understood that the fundamental currency of Christianity is God’s grace. God is for us and he likes and loves us. God’s whole nature is to forgive, when we turn to him. Grace is undeserved, but it is what sets us free. God holds us tight and we know that we are loveable. In times of peril that is why we can feel safe.