I arise today with the powers of heaven

No-one knows who actually wrote the prayer known at St Patrick’s Breastplate. I don’t find that a problem at all. I think that the author in this case is irrelevant. The words speak for themselves. It is a prayer that is achingly poetic. It manages to be both beautiful and true which is the perfect combination.

I have chosen a section that is perfect for getting up to and facing the day ahead. I am certainly finding myself very lethargic at times. It is so significant when the routines we have are stripped away. All I want back really, is my life as it used to be.

I live a very unflashy life and I enjoy really simple pleasures. These ancient prayers have given me a great deal of hope over the weeks. I hope they have encouraged as well. Do let me know if they do and why? It would be very interesting to find out.

I arise today
with the powers of heaven,
the sun in brightness,
the moon in splendour,
the flashing of fire,
the rushing of storm-wind,
the deepness of ocean,
the firmness of earth,
the hardness of bedrock.