I need to be taught

Accept our thanks, Lord God,
for the many wonders and gifts you have lavished on us.
Teach us this evening to look forward with joy
to when we shall offer you our praise…
Benedictine prayer
I have always felt that I have a lot to learn. Even as someone much closer to 60 than 50 I have still have the sense that I am a novice. This used to give me a feeling of insecurity, but now I see it as a strength. I am a learner. The great philosopher Confucius saw life a process of ongoing learning. Socrates is reputed to have said that the unexamined life is not worth living.
There is a common misconception that Christianity is purely a faith of the heart and not the head. I have heard people say that it is about ‘blind faith,’ but it is nothing of the kind. The big question for me has always been am I teachable? Am I able to take on the hard task of learning even when that seems dangerous? Jesus was a teacher as well as a miracle worker. I want to be taught by him. I need to be taught by him and by all the other experiences, mistakes, triumphs and reading that are part of my life. When I was a young person, I lapped up the learning my teachers had to offer. My prayer is that I am still as thirsty to learn right now.