Lionel’s wonderful pilgrimage

I remember once, when I ran a business, staying overnight in Edinburgh. I was in a lovely hotel near the castle. However, I had a wretched night’s sleep because a person, who I fear may have too much to drink, decided to sing just outside. His song of choice was Talking Heads’ classic Road to Nowhere. Looking back it seems oddly appropriate, even prophetic.

My friend and church warden, Lionel, has been on an altogether more purposeful road. One day, while on his daily walk, he had a thought. Pray for the Churches, the thought told him. And so every day he now does a walk that is punctuated by stopping at all the churches on his route and saying a prayer for each of them. It is a pilgrimage, a holy walk, that is beautiful in its simplicity. I think that the prompting to pray for churches came direct from the Holy Spirit and I admire my friend Lionel that he listened and followed divine advice.

So this morning, friends, can I urge you to include churches in your prayers. Pray for the congregation and the minister. Pray that they are in good heart.

Here is a lovely Celtic pilgrimage prayer.

Bless to me, O God,
The earth beneath my foot.
Bless me, O God,
The path whereon I go…
Thou ever more of evermore,
Bless Thou to me my rest.