Living in a field

My dad used to speculate what it would be like to run a way and live in the middle of a field. At the time, I found the suggestion ridiculous and slightly offensive towards the rest of our close family. But now I sometimes think that I understand the temptation. Imagine giving up all your stuff and the day-to-day frustrations of working and being with other human beings.
The pandemic has sharpened our appreciation of being on our own. Some have thrived, many have felt wretched. It is the simple interactions that I seem to miss the most. I like being at home, but even i have had more than enough of it.
Many of the Celtic monks decided to be totally alone and live a hermit’s life. St Cuthbert took himself away to an inhospitable island just to be closer to God. if you are wondering about moving to the middle of a field or island, then this extract from a Celtic hermit’s prayer might help.
Grant me, sweet Christ, the grace to find, Son of the living God
A small hut in a lonesome spot
To make it my abode…
…A pleasant woodland all about, to shield it from the wind
A smooth green lawn with rich topsoil
Propitious to all fruit…