Living in another world

The blessing of God and the Lord be yours,
The blessing of the perfect Spirit be yours
The blessing of the Three be pouring for you
Mildly and generously.
When I started these daily meditations, I wrote my first one on the 15th March, I thought I might be just doing them for a month. One hundred and twenty days later, here we still are. It has been a labour of love and had had a profound impact on my own faith and spiritual journey.
Essentially, I have spent all this time in the company of people from a different time – a different kind of world. What started as an exercise in finding a nice prayer, has led me to reconsider many deep questions about the faith. What is God like? How do we live the life of faith? What are we grateful for? How do we work as a community of love?
In these months I have begun to feel closer and closer to the ancient Christians. I have seen not so much the difference in their worldview, as the similarities that we have. Above all, I have been touched by their yearning for wholeness, for affirming that they are loved by God and a deep gratitude for all that is good in the world – despite the peril of it all. Thank you for accompanying me.