Memory cafe

Wonderful memory café

So there I was an hour or so before the memory café and I had a confidence failure. What if no-one shows up?  The thought that this might be a damp squib was difficult to shake off.

When our friends from the Alzheimer’s Society turned up they reassured me that just getting a few to a memory café was normal and the record for any in this area was 24.

But then they started to come. there were many from the parish I had never seen before. we have people coming with their loved ones and others coming along on their own.

It was the most beautiful atmosphere and soon we had nearly run out of tables to seat people.

We did lots of listening and talking (our St Cuthbert’s volunteers were magnificent). there was a short talk from the Alzheimer’s Society and then some memory games. plus the obligatory cuppa.

We had 30 people turn up. And it struck me that we can be-should be the centre of community here in North Wembley. Where better to come than to church if you a lonely or concerned or want friendship?

What a start! Now to find ways of paying for the heating over winter.