Night Shielding

We live at a time when we are shielding people from harm. Those who are vulnerable to this appalling virus are staying isolated and it is so difficult for them. None of us like to be alone or feel in peril.

As I have said before, I am finding myself beset by dreams full of peril. I am not alone in this, I’m sure. Many of my dreams are about social disorder, but that might just be a metaphor for feeling in danger more generally.

In times like this, I turn to the beautiful shielding prayers of the Celtic Christians. They had a powerful sense of the fragility of life and the perils all around them. This humility in the face of life’s contingencies is something we are learning now. This little jewel is my gift to you – to be used before you go to sleep this evening.

God before me, God behind me,
God above me, God below me;
I on the path of God,
God upon my track.

I am here abroad,
I am here in need,
I am here in pain,
I am here in straits,
I am here alone,
O God, aid me.