No more news

Hi folks. This is the 68th day that I have done one of these reflections. Who would have thought that this lockdown would have lasted so long? I know it is a truism, but things are totally different now.

I used to be always watching the news. I would switch on almost as soon as I got up, then watch at lunchtime and twice again in the evening. These days, I simply have stopped doing it. I get my news from weekly magazines now because I enjoy the way the stories are really unpicked and reflected on. But I no longer need daily regular news.

I am wondering why this has happened. I had become simply a consumer of news. It was a way of filling time and I got addicted to the rhythm of a day punctuated by tv news. Also, in a time like this, things don’t really change much each day. In which case, there’s not much point watching and no other news stories really matter. And finally, before Covid, we were news voyeurs, feasting on the news about other people’s lives. Now, we are the subject of the news and we don’t need tv to tell us how it is feeling for us.

I am happy to swap tv news for this beautiful Celtic prayer.

Thanks to Thee ever, O gentle Christ,
That Thou has raised me freely from the black
And from the darkness of last night
To the kindly light of this day.