…it feels like a very different world, doesn’t it? It has been really horrible having the church closed. I had no idea really how important the building is for our spiritual well-being. I know it is a brilliant place to meet in and to run memory cafe in, but it is also the spiritual hub of our life and my life.
St Cuthbert’s Church is very deceptive. From the outside, it is big but not very beautiful. But come inside, and it is amazing. The place is full of light and it is one of the most cheerful spaces I have ever been into. We have our huge mural of Jesus ascending from Holy island which I have come to love. It is a spiritual place full of all the prayers that have ever been prayed here and full of the friendships that have developed here. Today from 10-12 we open for prayer. Thank God, my friends, thank God.
O king of the moon and of the sun and of the stars in thy lovely fragrance, it is thou who knowest our needs…be with us today, the merciful God of all thing