Our animal guardians

We are all stuck indoors. Some of us have the joy of animal friends for company, I no longer call them pets. My daughter wasn’t at all well yesterday and the our cat wouldn’t leave her side. We have taken to calling the cat Florence Nightingcat. They know! For the Celts, God and Creation were intrinsically linked.

Jesus took great comfort when he was in the wildness from the wild animals around him. Like my little cat, ministering to my family, the animals ministered to him. The following is a paragraph from one of my new books which should be out quite soon.

Thou King of the moon and sun,
Thou King of the stars beloved,
Thou Thyself knowest our need,
O merciful God of life.

The Celtic story is full of wonderful tales of the Celtic saints developing strong and lasting bonds with animals and forming deep friendships with them. It is interesting that in Mark’s Gospel Jesus too formed great bonds with animals during his time in the wilderness. Ian Bradley in The Celtic Way reports that St Serf had a pet robin and a lamb that followed him around and raised a dead pig to life. Ciaran was helped in the graveyard by a tame wild boar that helped him to dig the graves. In time he employed the boar as his servant. St Cuthbert had his life saved by wild animals on a number of occasions and the sea otters would dry and warm his legs when he had been praying all night in the water.

So today, I am thankful for my animal friends and I am going to go in the garden and see if I can see the robin who hangs around every day. I am going to be thankful for the world we live in and on and pray for all of those people who are ministering to us.

Go well. Be kind.