Our daily pilgrimage

I have always wrestled with the idea that travel broadens the mind. I remember many funny conversations with my boss when I was in my early-20s and working as a press officer at a regional theatre. We used to tease each other. She loved travelling and hunting for new experiences. I used to say that I could generate all the adventure I needed through imagination and staying at home. I think that I am still of that opinion.

Sedulius Scottus was a 9th Century Irish teacher who lived in France. He was approached by many who wanted advice of pilgrimage and going on spiritual adventures. This was his response.

Who to Rome goes
Much labour, little profit knows;
For God, on earth though long you’ve sought him,
You’ll miss at Rome unless you’ve brought him.

We are stuck at home. We cannot go on bold pilgrimages – at least not at the moment. But we have a great comfort – we don’t need to journey anywhere to find God. He is with us at all times, even when we feel distant from Him. As we all stay put, and Rome or any other destination seems like a million miles away, we can take some comfort in knowing that God is close.