Pop star

Back into the 80s I very much wanted to be a pop star, but that’s a story for another day. My band, played in every dive in London. We played in the kind of North London pubs where your feet got stuck in the beer-soaked carpets. Happy days…well sometimes. In those days I stuck to the maxim – always leave them wanting more.
It has been a huge pleasure writing these daily reflections, a labour of love. I have very much enjoyed spending time with some of the most beautiful ancient prayers and reflections. In these horrible times the old words have improved my morale. I love it that we stand of the shoulders of the everyday saints who have gone before. And that of course is the great story of life – we are indebted to those who have already done the great pilgrimage of life. We walk on a well-trodden path.
So, I will be drawing to a close at the end of July, which gives us a chance to still enjoy beauties like this from the ancient Cornish Celts. It is a prayer I need to pray for my loved ones.
We open the roof
to lay our loved ones 
at your feet.
Great King
surround them with
the shining presence
of your love.
Loving Saviour
heal their hurts
with your 
tender touch.