Daily Hope Sunday


May God shield us by each sheer drop, may Christ keep us on each rock-path, may the Spirit fill us on each bare slope, as we cross hill and plain…

I very much miss my father and wish he was still here. Yesterday, a lovely memory came to mind about him. My mum and dad came up for my graduation in 1983. I was a bit worried about dad, because he tended to embarrass me in those days.

He and mum were very smartly dressed – dad in his best suit and polished leather shoes. He took one look at my shoes, just before we went into the hall. ‘You can’t wear those, son, they are scruffy.’  Looking down, I had to concede that he was right. I was wearing a scuffed old pair of 10-hole Dr Martens. So, we swapped shoes. I crammed into his lovely shoes – although they were two sizes too small for me, and he wore my bovver boots with his suit.

Looking back, it was an act of kindness. Dad wanted to look after me, to shield me from ridicule, and all he could do was to offer me his shoes. I am glad that he did.