Sleeping during the storm

Here is the prayer for Friday.

Alcuin’s Prayer in the Night
He lay with quiet heart in the stern asleep;
waking, commanded both the winds and sea
Christ, though this weary body slumber deep,
Grant that my heart may keep its watch with thee…
…Guard thou my sleep against the enemy.

I love the Bible passage where Jesus has to woken up during a storm. The fishermen were scared, and given that they were used to storms, it must have been a whopper. Jesus is asleep because he is the Lord of all creation. That is a very beautiful thought.

Alcuin was an English scholar, clergyman and poet. He was from Northumbria and was born around 735. One of the colleges of the University of York is named after him. His lovely poem is very strong because it related the Biblical story with the poet. The poet is weary and is worried about sleeping well. Perhaps we all are at the moment.