St Columba

Columba is one of the great saints. The prayer, Columba’s rock is attributed to him.  He has something that I wonder if we have lost – a great sense of the connectedness of everything. I tend to partition my life, perhaps as a survival mechanism. In a world as complex as ours where we are bombarded by messages the whole time, we need to some sifting.

But I yearn for a more settled and peaceful time. Of course, Columba’s world would have had different complexities for him to deal with. The Celtic world must have felt dangerous at times. But the Celtic Christians knew how to be thankful and how to look around and take heart from Creation. Creation helped them to feel part of a bigger story. Columba begins his prayer with praise.

Delightful it is to stand on the peak of a rock
gazing on the face of the sea.
I hear the waves chanting a tune to God
I see their glittering surf.

Tomorrow we will see how his prayer takes a dark turn…