St Cuthbert’s weekly – 4th June 2017


Hello all.

I was very much struck by the story of Richard Nixon I told last week. Here it is again.

Nixon arrives back for an event at the White House filled with ex-presidents and the great and the good. Nixon is an outcast and he is left alone at the side of the room. It is as though tumble-weed blows around whenever he is thought of.

Carter walks into the room. Carter is from a different party and is known as a true man of integrity – rather than the rather grubby and soiled Nixon.

As Carter moves to his seat he sees Nixon, alone and humiliated. Carter changes direction and goes over to Nixon. He holds out his hand and smiles at Nixon.

Welcome home Mr President! Welcome home!

And so begins the slow rehabilitation of an American president – Nixon. It comes as a result of the grace of a fellow sinner and the desire to bring a fallen human out of the wilderness.

I know few better stories of grace. I think this is the kind of grace we all need and we are all called to show.

The Cross is where death and hatred and violence are redeemed by grace. And every life, however genteel has its fair share of sin, even if it in our thoughts more than our deeds.

Grace is what attracted me to Jesus. It still does. It is the currency of the faith and with grace comes something we can’t buy or be born into – peace.

May the peace of the Lord be always with you. Amen.

Go well dear friends.


The Collect

Risen, ascended Lord, as we rejoice in your triumph, fill you Church on earth with power and compassion, may we find forgiveness and know your peace, to the Glory of God the father.

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