St Cuthbert’s weekly – 7th May 2017


Hello all.

This week’s talk was prompted by a teapot! It was the teapot that prompted a family feud that lasted for more than 20 years which is very sad. I am glad to report that by God’s grace that the feud is over and the world looks a much better place. It always does when conflict is ended and we are reconciled – to God, to ourselves and to each other.

Our Saint had a particular ministry – peace-making. His gentle ways kept the church together and helped it in a ferocious period of strife and change.

Myrtle Kerr had a rare insight to the centrality of peace in the Christian life.

This is not an easy peace I would give you my children. It cost me the cross to reconcile you to my father. You must humble yourselves to each other, listen to each other’s pain, share your brother and sisters burden, and seek their forgiveness, if you really want to be reconciled in my love and my way.

The following short prayers may help you as you pray this week.=

Deep peace of the Spirit to you
Peace of the air flowing out of you
Peace of the Son growing strong in you.

And the international peace prayer is also helpful. It has been adapted a bit from the original.

Lead us from fear to trust
Lead us from despair to hope
Lead us from hate to love
Lead us from war to pace
Deep peace of the Son of peace
Fill our hearts, our workplace, our world.
In the whirling wheels of the world you are with us
When the day takes its toll you are with us
In the clamour of strife you are with us
When the world turns sour you are with us
When we go to our rest you are with us.

Go well dear friends. Steve

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