St Cuthbert’s weekly – Annual Meeting

Hello all.

It seems like only yesterday that I started here – but just over 2 years have passed.

I chose Luke 24 13-32 as the reading for my induction service. It features Jesus walking besides two demoralised followers on the road to Emmaus. At first they don’t know that it is him. But he walks with them and then goes into their home and eats with them.

I had no idea when I chose that reading how prophetic it would be – for me and for this church.

We have become a church that walks besides people – yes, people who are demoralised as well as those who are joyful. We offer hospitality to all.

I had no idea that this would be where God would lead us, but I am glad that he has. I am also glad that as a church we have listened to God and taken part in this great and ongoing adventure.

Someone emailed me some great encouragement last week. It was so appreciated. They said that we have a great team here. I agree. I look around me and feel supported and I learn new things about how to be a priest every day. I like to think that I will continue to be teachable!

Church is teamwork. We support each other and own the failures and successes together.

I was also very happy to hear that our community payback folk threw a barbeque for us. To me, this says everything about what we have become. We have welcomed and valued the payback folk – led in this by David, Margaret and Chevon. To me this says more about where we are heading than any fancy mission statement or plan.

So all I want to say really is thank you. Thank you for your faith, hope and love. Thank you for your sense of humour and hard work. And thank you for hanging in there as we found our feet.

Go well dear friends.


Coming up

Cath Lawton has died and her funeral is at Brakspear Crematorium on Tuesday 2nd at 12.15. There will be a thanksgiving service for her in church on Wednesday the 3rd at 11am.

Next Sunday’s service is café church at 10am