The everyday God

I was speaking to my mum yesterday and we were saying just how much we missed the ordinary things. Sitting having a cup of tea with friends, going to the cinema – that kind of thing. We didn’t know how blessed we were, until we could no longer do what we used to do.

Speaking to other people, a common theme emerges. We don’t miss the extravagant part of our lives at all. Perhaps we all knew that this kind of stuff was just a distraction. But we do miss the simple everyday things. The Celtic Christians have so many prayers for the business of everyday life. They saw the simple things as being baptised by holiness. Why? Because Christ chose to be one of us, and if he embraced the small and everyday business of life then he gave it significance, worth and beauty.

Bless, O God, my little cow,
Bless, O God, my desire;
Bless Thou my partnership
And the milking of my hands, O God.