The fire of love

Kindle in our hearts, O God,
the flame of love that never ceases,
that it may burn in us, giving light to others…
St Columba
I am convinced that the biggest impact of this pandemic is, and will be, on our mental (and physical) health. In some ways, the pandemic exposed existing fault-lines. We were already a society that tolerated industrial-scale loneliness and isolation, especially of our precious elders. We set up memory cafe here at St Cuthbert’s to be part of the solution.
How are we to recover? It will take more than money from our government. Personally, I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to fighting loneliness and bringing hope and forging community. It is something the Celts well understood. They knew the sense of total peril that we feel – they had to contend with Viking raiders, disease and disorder. They never dodged the problems but they made it their watchword to work together for the good of all. They put their trust in God and they expressed their gratitude for what they had and what was good.
Today, please, ring someone who is living alone. Take the burning light of love Columba spoke of and pass it on. It is the least we can do.