The ocean is so large

Dear friends, good morning. I love this ancient poem/song from the Breton fishermen.

Lord, the sea is so large
And my boat is so small.

My word, I understand this sentiment completely.

I used to visit a lovely man at the hospital. He had been an eminent astrophysicist. I would sit at his bedside and listen to his stories. We once spoke about God and he told me that he really wanted to believe in Him, but that he couldn’t get past the enormity of space and the infinity of the galaxies. They seemed too large for God to bestride them all.

I think I understand, but I find infinity quite comforting. I am glad to just be a tiny boat in the great infinity of the ocean. It means I know that I need God all the more.

Today I am determined to speak truth and love others. That’s what I can do, with God’s help.