The start of the week

Friends, I am taking the Celtic blessings and prayers from a very interesting place. Alexander Carmichael was a tax collector in the Highlands and islands of Scotland in the late 19th, early 20th Century. On his travels, he began taking notes of all the prayers and sayings her heard from the locals. He realised that these were in fact very ancient words and had been handed down orally through the generations. The book is called Carmina Gadelica. Thankfully it runs to 600 pages so we shouldn’t run short of material! I think there is huge power in these lovely blessings and prayers. The people who uttered them lived through times of terrible danger and fragility – not least because of plague. Go well. Steve

I love this one

The peace of God, the peace of men,
The peace of Columba kindly,
The peace of Mary mild, the loving,
The peace of Christ, King of tenderness

Be upon each window, upon each door,
Upon each hole that lets in light,
Upon the four corners of my house,
upon the four corners of my bed.