Thoughts on Mothering Sunday

Hi friends. I hope that you are remaining well. My number is 07873434617 – ring if you need any help.

I am very blessed to still have my mum. Like so many mothers she has dedicated her life to others and has always been there for us. Today we honour mothers. The reading for today is very pertinent.

Just before Jesus went to the cross he had something important to deal with. he entrusts his mother into the care of his friend John and he entrusts John into his mother’s care. he doesn’t see his mum as a pastoral case. instead he foresees old and young being a blessing to each other. That is as true now as it was then. Please do have a listen to my very short talk.

Message of the week: Mothering Sunday (22 March)

Todays short Celtic blessing is this.

May God make safe for you each step,
May God open to you each pass,
May God make clear to you each road,
And may He take you in the clasp of His own two hands.