Time travel

It was the summer of 1992 when my life took an unexpected turn. I had been managing editor at The Open College (the vocational version of the Open University). But the government funding ran out and I, along with all the editorial department, was made redundant. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me because I decided to take the plunge and become a freelance writer, full-time.
The story of how that adventure became a big and successful business that took me around the world is for another day. In that first summer, I used to take my computer out into the garden, and my phone, and spend the day writing. It was blissful. I didn’t have to commute; I could do the thing I have always loved (writing) and I could listen to the birds.
This morning I am in the garden and writing again. My cats are sitting by my side and the birds are still singing. Despite many difficulties, I am thankful for small mercies. Today, I pray that I can help cheer people up, let them see the hope at the centre of the universe and be open to learning something new. This is a Benedictine prayer.
Father in heaven,
the hand of your loving kindness
powerfully yet gently guides
all the moments of our day.
Go before us in our pilgrimage of life,~
anticipate our needs and prevent our failing.